About Camper Van Things blog

As the name suggests this blog is mostly about camper van things, but also covers camping, travelling and working on the move.

My old T25 panel van wild camping in spain

My first camper van was a minimal self build on a VW T25 (also known across Europe as a T3 and in the US as a Vanagon) panel van. I had some great adventures in it, including a 6 month trip wild camping around spain.

Our VW T25 camping in Devon

Our current camper, Rocky, is also a T25 - a 1983 Devon Moonraker with a golf TDI engine conversion.

Camping with a new beetle and quechua pop-up tents

In the inbetween years we travelled with our 1998 new beetle and a set of quechua pop-up tents.

T25 mobile office

I work as a contract/ freelance web developer. Working always from a laptop, often in cafes and shared studio space, and sometimes from my car, camper or tent on camping trips. I live in the lovely city of Bristol, UK, with my beautiful wife and son.